1. Statement of purpose: The Chester Baptist Association is made up of 24 cooperating Southern Baptist Churches with the purpose of leading the lost to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip the Saints to do ministries.
The Association Office is located at 175 North Main Street Richburg, SC 29729. The mailing address is P O Box 219 Richburg, SC 29729. The Telephone Number is (803) 789-6177. Our e-mail address is chesterbap@truvista.net.
2. The Director of Missions is Dr. Ted Hodges, Sr. Home Address  P O Box 306 Fort Lawn, SC 29714 Home Phone # 803-872-4022 Cell # 803-577-7826
3. The Administrative Assistant is Ms. Donna Smith.
4. The Churches are: See other attachment for details
5. The ministries of the Association are:
Women’s Missionary Union
Men’s Ministry
Disaster Relief

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