List of Items that "Harvest Seeds" Ministry will accept to send to "Love Packages"


Bibles (new, used, any translation, in any condition): All Bibles, New Testaments, Bible portions, individual Gospel booklets


Tracts: All Tracts


Sunday School Supplies: Quarterlies and teacher's materials such as teacher packets, teaching pictures, etc. for all ages, Pre-school, children, youth, and adults from most all publishers such as David C. Cook; Standard publishing; Pathway Press; Lifeway; Gospel Publishing House (Assembly of God); Union Gospel; and many others. (In the children's packet, do not send any handiwork, crafts, or anything that the children have already done. Try as best as you can to have all children's teaching helps in the plastic cover and sealed shut.)


Christian Magazines: Magazines from a Christian publisher. Example: Home life, Parenting, Living with teens, Decision, Biblical Illustrator, Discipleship Journal, Voice Aglow, Christ for the Nations, Pentecostal Evangel, Message of the Cross, Pulpit Helps, Cornerstone, Christian Reader, Leadership, Bread for the Children, etc


Reference Books & Commentaries: Bible dictionaries and regular dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, Books on Doctrine, Evangelism, Any pastor helps books, etc


Books & Paperbacks: All Christian books - adult or children, fiction or non-fiction, study course books, Bible studies, Children's Bible story books, etc


Devotionals: Open Window, Daily Bread, Upper Room, In Touch, Stand Firm, etc


Tapes (cassette & VCR) CD's, DVD's Records: Music, movies, teaching, etc.


Hymnals & Musicals: Hymnals that are in fairly good condition, sheet music, etc


Puppets, Noah's Ark, Bible games, Nativity sets, Biblical puzzles: most anything that helps to present the Gospel.


Vacation Bible School Kits: Only complete kits.


We will take the following "Love Packages", but does not focus on these, The main focus is Bibles and Christian literature:


Christian School & Home School Curriculum: All books in all subjects.


Public School Textbooks: In the following subjects only: English, Grammar and spelling, Mathematics, Chemistry/Physics.


School Supplies: Paper, pencils, notebooks, markers, etc.


Other: In good condition: Sewing machines (electric or peddle), bicycles, walkers, canes, crutches, wheel chairs, Communion sets, clean good choir robes, up to date computers, etc.


Remove all extra items in everything, such as Church Bulletins, candy wrappers, sticky notes, paper clips, photos, etc. If a Sunday School quarterly or magazine is open, close it so that the front cover is showing. The outside cover should not have any drawing on faces, excess writing that does not pertain to the material. (It is ok for writing of names and notes and underlining to be outside and inside.) We don't want anything on our material that might give a Bad impression of the United States to our brothers and sisters in Third World Countries. Everything should only show that we love and care for them and that what we are sending is all about Helping in Building God's Kingdom!


List of items that are not accepted


Denominational state papers


Ministry mail-outs, unless the majority of it is Bible teaching material


secular magazines, books, etc


Incomplete Vacation Bible School kits


Christian magazines focused on contemporary American culture and politics (wonderful magazines that are helpful to Christians in the USA, but some of these have little value to Christians overseas.) Examples: Mature Living, Christian Single, Mission Mosaic, Girls, Boys, and Men's Mission Magazines, The Commission


NO books of Mormon, Jehovah's Witness Bibles and literature, Unity and Daily Word (put out by a cult called Unity School of Christianity), World Religion publications, Roman Catholic Books and Magazines, Seventh - Day Adventist literature, Humanist ("post moders" - examples: Guideposts, Angels on Earth, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Shuller).


Public School books in English Literature & Reading, Social Studies & History, All Earth Sciences, Biology & Astronomy


No typewriters, empty ink cartridges, No outdated computers (Only updated - example - Windows XP or newer)


Please note that if you have any Mission magazines, Mature Living, Guideposts, and other Christian Magazines and books that the ministry cannot send to "Love Packages", still bring these to Mt. Sinai. "Harvest Seeds" Ministry will take these to several places here in Cleveland County that gives out free literature. (Cross Roads Rescue Mission, The Senior Center, and the Cleveland County Library)