The following videos are available in the Association Office
Call the office to reserve them.
Please consider donating any study kits that your church may have so that we can make them available to all of our churchs.
Master Your Money - by Ron Blue - 6 session set
People Sharing Jesus - 12 sessions/ with leaders guide - to help train people to share their faith simply, naturally, and effectively.
Life on the Edge - by Dr. James C. Dobson - 7 sessions - (YOUTH) Session topics are:
            Finding God's Will for Your Life
            The Myth of Safe Sex
            Love Must Be Tough
            The Keys to a Lifelong Love
            Emotions: Can You Trust Them?
            When God Doesn't Make Sense
           Pornography: Addictive, Progressive, and Deadly
Living In a Broken World - 4 sessions - (YOUTH) Session topics:
            Finding Yourself in a World That's Lost
`           Saying No In a World That Says Yes
            Finding Love In a World of Hate
            Staying Clean In a World That's Dirty
The Mind of Christ - By T W Hunt - 6 parts - (ADULT) Session topics are:
            Christ's Freedom
            Christ's Lifestyle
            Christ's Servanthood
            Christ's Humanity
            Christ's Holiness and Love
            Christ's Name
Experiencing God - Knowing and doing the Will of God - (ADULT) 4 tapes - 12 sessions
            God's Will and Your Life
            Looking to God
            God Pursues a Love Relationship
            Love and God's Invitation 
            God Speaks, Part 1
            God Speaks, Part 2
            The Crisisof Belief
            Adjusting Your Life to God
            Experiencing God Through Obedience
            God's Will and the Church
            Kingdom People
            ContinuingFellowship with God
The 7 Realities of Experiencing God, Leader Kit – These videos have been designed as a supplement to the personal and group study of Experiencing God or a 6 week overview of Experiencing God.
Jesus on Leadership, Leader Kit – This is designed as a 6-week course and can add a service dimension to leadership in your church as you discover, equip, and place servant leaders in all areas of ministry. Also, this study can lead members of the body of Christ to discover their role as servant leaders, and equip them for team ministry,
Thine is the Kingdom, Leader Kit – The Reign of God in Today’s World. – This is designed for 6 weekly sessions and is a practical, biblically based study of what it means to live in today’s world as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
Life in the Spirit, Leader Kit (Adult) – This is a 13-week course designed for a combination of individual and small group study in the Lay Institute for Equipping (LIFE) series.
Share Jesus Without Fear, Leader Kit -  Designed as a 4 week course, Christians learn to share their faith without fear of personal rejection, argument, or failure, because the goal is simply to share their faith. The Holy Spirit is free to do the convicting, the convincing, and the teaching through His Own Word.
Building Strong Families, Leader Kit – Designed as a two part course, this is an emphasis that challenges family members to encourage and affirm one another to grow and become all that God intended individually and in their relationships.
People Sharing Jesus, Leader Kit – A Natural Sensitive approach to helping others know Christ. This is a breakthrough system that enables you to meet people where they are and share the Good News simply and effectively. Designed as a 13 week course.
The Five Love languages of Children, Leader Kit – Moms and Dads can use this information to help them meet their children’s deepest emotional needs. Kit contains a video, a parent activity guide, and a copy of the book.
A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place, Leader Kit – by Beth Moore. This kit provides the following resources for conducting an 11 session group study: Interactive workbook, Five videotapes featuring 10 teaching sessions, and a Leader Guide.
A Heart Like His, Leader Kit – by Beth Moore. Seeking the Heart of God through a Study of David. – Resources for conducting an 11-session group study.
Breaking Free, Leader Kit
The Three Chairs: Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs
How Now Shall We Live, Leader Kit – five videocassette, one book, and one leader guide
Jesus on Money – a leaders guide and a three book set
Jesus the One and Only – A Womens in depthstudy by Beth Moore. Series of tapes and leader guide.
Experiencing God as Couples – video pak
On Mission With God, leader Kit
Men Leading the Charge, Leader Kit
Jesus the One and Only, Leader Kit for Children
Deacons: Growing in Character and Commitment – Jim Henry, Leader Kit
When Godly People Do Ungodly Things – by Beth Moore – a suggested 7 week study
Believing God, Leader Kit – by Beth Moore
Living Beyond Yourself – Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit, Leader Kit – by Beth Moore
Patriarchs Encountering God, Leader Kit.
Daniel, Lives of Integrity, Leader Kit
Empowering Kingdom Growth, Leader Kit
Beloved Disciple, Leader Kit for Grades 1-6 – by Beth Moore
Church Planting, Starter Kit
Beloved Disciple, DVD, Leader Kit for Adults
Gifted to Serve - Using your Spiritual Gifts with Passion and Purpose - by Ken Hemphill