WMU has three meetings each year.  Our Spring Meeting includes missionary speakers.  Our Fall meeting is training for each leader of each individual church and our Women’s Day of Prayer allows us to come together to pray for women around the world.


Our Associational WMU has leaders for each individual organization, i.e.,  Mission Friends, Girls in Action, Women on Mission and WMU Directors.  These ladies are available to help your church start an organization and provide you with any help that you may need.


Leaders for the year 2016-2017 are:

WMU Director Dana DiPasquale 385-1658
Women on Missions Leader    
Girls in Action Becky Doster 581-8479
Mission Friends     




WMU is an organization in the church in which missions is promoted.  The purpose of WMU is to help churches involve ALL of its members in missions, to recognize and provide for the role of the individual in learning about and participating in missions. Missions is what we as Christians do in keeping with the commission of our Lord to extend our witness and ministry outside of the church, to bring people to Christ and to glorify God. 



The Objectives of the Associational WMU is to:

  • Nurture a missions enviroment in the churches and association 
  • Provide and participate in associational mission activities and projects
  • Equip churches to provide mission awareness and involvement
  • Develop and strengthen WMU in ALL congregations